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Table 3 Studies involving stress paradigms and Aβ production

From: Targeting psychologic stress signaling pathways in Alzheimer’s disease

Studies on Aβ Model Stress paradigm Effect Comments
Kang et al. (2007) [47] Tg2576 [82] 3 months isolation  
Dong et al. (2008) [48] Tg2576 6 months isolation  
Lee et al. (2009) [83] Tg2576 2 h restraint daily for 16 days Measured ISF, soluble Aβ
Ray et al. (2011) [50] Wistar rat 5 h restraint or bilateral UCN1 injection in amygdala  
Huang et al. (2011) [84] APP/PS1 [85] 4 months isolation  
Rothman et al. (2012) [86] 3xTg AD [87] Cage switched for 6 h/day for 2–3 days/week for 6 weeks  
Dong et al. (2012) [49] Tg2576/ CRH overexpressing [88] CRH overexpressing transgenic  
Rothman et al. (2013) [53] 3xTg AD 6 h sleep restriction for 6 weeks - Aβ and tau measures trending upward but non-significant
Dong et al. (2014) [43] Tg2576 One week or 10 months of isolation  
Baglietto-Vargas et al. (2015) [89] 3xTg AD 5 h of multimodal stress. Brief restraint, shaker plate with bright lights and noise  
Park et al. (2015) [44] C57BL/6 J 3 h restraint  
Justice et al. (2015) [90] APP/PS1 PTSD-like induction for two hours followed by a trigger  
  1. Studies in WT mice or rats observed levels of soluble Aβ42 and Aβ40 in brain homogenate, studies in transgenic mice included measurements of plaque load and insoluble Aβ unless noted otherwise