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Table 4 Studies involving stress paradigms and tau phosphorylation/aggregation

From: Targeting psychologic stress signaling pathways in Alzheimer’s disease

Studies on Tau Model Stress paradigm Effect Comments
Rissman et al. (2007) [55] C57BL/6 J, multiple CRHR knockouts Acute restraint at multiple time points up to two hours. Also done in adrenalectomized mice.  
Carroll et al. (2011) [54] PS19 [91] Variable stressor once per day for 4 weeks, or restraint six hours/day and isolation for one month Variable stress paradigm not consistent in elevating tau measures
Rissman et al. (2012) [59] CRHR Knockouts Half hour restraint one time or daily for 14 days  
Filipcik et al. (2012) [57] C57BL/6 J 30 min or 120 min restraint  
Campbell et al. (2015) [51] CRH overexpressing   
Le et al. (2016) [58] Primary Neuronal Culture from C57BL/6 J Treatment with CRH  
  1. Studies utilizing WT mice observed tau phosphorylation at various phospho-epitopes. Study utilizing PS19 mice quantified inclusions