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Fig. 10

From: Correction to: Gene-environment interaction between lead and Apolipoprotein E4 causes cognitive behavior deficits in mice

Fig. 10

Adult-only lead exposure results in elevated blood lead levels and lead deposition in the brain. 8-week-old ApoE3- KI and ApoE4-KI male and female mice were exposed to 0.2% lead acetate for 12 weeks and then sacrificed. Blood and one brain hemisphere were collected at sacrifice and (a) blood lead and (b) brain lead levels were measured using ICPMS. Brightfield images of one brain hemisphere from a female (c) control and (d) lead-treated ApoE4-KI mouse after the 12 week lead exposure. Semi-quantitative measurement of lead in the brain of a (e) control and (f) lead-treated ApoE4-KI mouse using LA-ICP-MS. Two-way ANOVA with Fisher’s LSD post-test: n.s., not significant; ** p < 0.01; *** p < 0.001. Scale bars, 100 μm

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