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Table 2 Localization of tau species in hiPSC-derived neurons

From: A validated antibody panel for the characterization of tau post-translational modifications

Name Species Company Cat No. Localization Dilution
     Cell Body Neurites  
Tau12 mouse Biolegend SIG-39416 1:100
Tau5 mouse Abcam ab80579 n.s. n.s. 1:50
Tau1 mouse Millipore MAB3420 1:100
Dako rabbit Agilent Dako A0024 1:200
BT2 mouse Thermo Fisher MN1010 1:100
HT7 mouse Thermo Fisher MN1000 1:100
Tau-0 N mouse Biolegend 823,801 1:50
Tau-2 N mouse Biolegend 816,801 1:50
Tau-3R mouse Millipore 05–803 n.s. n.s. 1:50
Tau-4R mouse Millipore 05–804 n.s. n.s. 1:50
nY18 mouse Biolegend 829,701 1:50
nY29 mouse Millipore MAB2244 1:50
acK280 rabbit Anaspec AS-56077   1:50
meK311 mouse Biolegend MMS-5102 1:50
C3-D421 mouse Millipore 36–017 n.s. n.s. 1:25
pY18 mouse Novusbio NBP2–42402 1:100
pT181 rabbit Thermo Fisher 701,530   1:100
pS198 rabbit Abcam ab79540 1:100
pS199 rabbit Thermo Fisher 701,054 1:100
pS202 rabbit Anaspec AS-28017 1:100
pS199/202 rabbit Thermo Fisher 44-768G 1:100
pT205 rabbit Abcam ab181206 1:100
pT212 rabbit Abcam ab51053 1:100
pS214 rabbit Thermo Fisher PA5–35762 1:100
pT217 rabbit Thermo Fisher 44–744 1:100
pT231 rabbit Thermo Fisher 701,056 1:100
pS235 rabbit Thermo Fisher PIPA535761   1:100
pS238 mouse Abcam ab128889   1:100
pS356 rabbit Abcam ab51036 1:100
pS396 rabbit Thermo Fisher 44-752G   1:100
pS400 rabbit Anaspec AS-54978   1:100
pS404 rabbit Thermo Fisher 44-758G 1:100
pS409 rabbit Abcam ab4861 1:100
pS416 rabbit Abcam ab119391 1:100
pS422 rabbit Abcam ab79415   1:25
  1. Summarizes the differential localization of tau species stained with pan-tau or PTM-specific tau antibodies in hiPSC-derived neurons (Figs. 10, 11, 12 and 13). n.s.: no signal