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Table 1 Antibodies used in immunofluorescence (IF) and western blot analyses (WB)

From: Loss of XBP1 accelerates age-related decline in retinal function and neurodegeneration

Antibody Dilutions Catalog No. Company
anti-Ribeye, B-domain 1:800 (IF) 192,003 Synaptic Systems
anti-Pkc-α 1:400 (IF) sc-8393 Santa Cruz Biotechnology
anti-Calretinin, clone 6B8.2 1:800 (IF) Mab1568 Millipore
anti-Iba1 1:800 (IF) 019–19,741 Wako
anti-XBP1 1:1000 (WB) sc-7160 Santa Cruz Biotechnology
anti-Glutamine synthetase 1:800 (IF) Mab302 Millipore
anti-Brn3a 1:800 (IF) sc-31,984 Santa Cruz Biotechnology
anti-Pax6 1:40 (IF) Pax6-s DSHB
anti-β actin 1:10,000 (WB) ab8226 Abcam
Peroxidase 1:10,000 (WB) PI-2000 Vector
Peroxidase 1:10,000 (WB) PI-1000 Vector
Texas Red 1:800 (IF) T6391 Molecular Probes
Alexa Fluor-488 1:800 (IF) A11001 Molecular Probes
Alexa Fluor-594 1:800 (IF) A11005 Molecular Probes
Alexa Fluor-594 1:800 (IF) A11080 Molecular Probes
anti-Calbindin D-28 K, CB-955-955 1:100 (IF) Sab4200543 Sigma