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Table 2 Top 10 enriched GO terms from differentially expressed genes in TCX

From: TMEM106B haplotypes have distinct gene expression patterns in aged brain

GO Process P value FDR # Genes
single organism signaling 1.801E-20 5.424E-17 253
signaling 1.986E-20 5.424E-17 253
cell communication 5.539E-20 1.008E-16 256
G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway 3.527E-19 2.908E-16 74
chemical synaptic transmission 4.260E-19 2.908E-16 59
trans-synaptic signaling 4.260E-19 2.908E-16 59
synaptic signaling 4.260E-19 2.908E-16 59
anterograde trans-synaptic signaling 4.260E-19 2.908E-16 59
multicellular organismal process 3.899E-18 2.366E-15 297
cell-cell signaling 3.492E-17 1.907E-14 91