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Table 1 Primary antibodies used for immunohistochemistry and Western blot

From: Subretinal macrophages produce classical complement activator C1q leading to the progression of focal retinal degeneration

Antibody Target Dilution Source Catalog #
Rabbit α-IBA1 Ionised calcium binding protein 1 1:500 Wako Chemicals 019-19,741
Goat α-IL-1β IL-1 beta/IL1F2 1:1000 R&D Systems AF-501
Goat α-C3d Complement component C3d 1:2000 R&D Systems AF-2655
Rabbit α-C1q C1q, clone 4.8 1:400 Abcam AB182451
Rabbit α-C1q C1q complement isolated from human plasma 1:1000 Dako F0254
Rabbit α-NALP3/NLRP3 1-50 amino acids of human NLRP3 1:500 Novus Biologicals NPB2-12446SS
Rat α-F4/80 F4/80 clone A3-1 1:100 Abcam AB6640
Rabbit α-GAPDH GAPDH 1:4000 Sigma Aldrich G9545