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Table 1 Correlation of alternatively spliced proteins with TMT protein network modules enriched in AD risk factors

From: Deep proteomic network analysis of Alzheimer’s disease brain reveals alterations in RNA binding proteins and RNA splicing associated with disease

  1. The ten alt-EEjxn peptides with the strongest correlation to each protein network module enriched in AD risk factors are shown, including their differential abundance by case status. Proteins/peptides not present in the module to which they correlate are highlighted in gray. Proteins/peptides that are significantly different in abundance by case status are highlighted in red. ANOVA p values were adjusted for multiple comparisons by Tukey test. Detailed information for each alt-EEjxn peptide listed in the table, as well as for all identified alt-EEjxn peptides, is provided in Supplementary Data. AsymAD, asymptomatic AD; CT, control; kME, module eigenprotein correlation value