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Table 2 Aβ-specific T cell subsets regulate AD pathogenesis in experimental models

From: Peripheral immune system in aging and Alzheimer’s disease

Subset Location AD Model Specificity Effects on pathogenesis Reference
TH1 Parenchyma APP/PS1 Adoptively transferred cells increased microglia activation and Aβ deposition [117]
TH1 Parenchyma J20 with Aβ peptide vaccination Migrated to Aβ plaques with increased clearance, while inducing transient meningoencephalitis [126]
TH1 Parenchyma APP/PS1 Cells injected to cerebrospinal ventricle migrated to Aβ plaques, increased Aβ clearance and promote neurogenesis [127]
TH2 Outside the brain APP/PS1 Adoptively transferred cells improved working memory, decreased microgliosis and reduced plasma cytokines. No effect on plaque load inside the parenchyma but reduced vascular amyloidosis [128]