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Table 1 A summary of therapeutic approaches discussed in the paper

From: Advances in developing novel therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer’s disease

AD therapeutic strategies
Mechanism-based Approaches
1. Therapies Targeted at Amyloid
 1.1 Inhibiting Aβ Production
 1.2 Accelerating Aβ Clearance
 1.3 Preventing Aβ Aggregation
2. Therapies Targeted at Tau
 2.1 Tau Stabilizers and Aggregation Inhibitors
 2.2 Therapies Targeted at Tau Post-translational Modifications
 2.3 Anti-tau Immunotherapy
3. Therapies Targeted at ApoE
4. Neuroprotective Therapies
 4.1 Neurotrophins and Their Receptor-based Therapies
 4.2 Therapies Targeted at Neuroinflammation and Oxidative Stress
Non-mechanism Based Approaches
1. Symptomatic Cognitive Enhancers
2. Therapies and Interventions for AD Prevention
 2.1 Secondary Prevention Interventions
 2.2 Primary Prevention Interventions