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Fig. 4 | Molecular Neurodegeneration

Fig. 4

From: Wild-type Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase is misfolded in cerebrospinal fluid of sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Fig. 4

Immunoprecipitation experiments confirm the presence of C4F6-reactive SOD1 in CSF of all ALS cases as well as some of PD and PSP cases. The C4F6-crosslinked or mouse IgG-crosslinked magnetic beads were first incubated with CSF (20 μL) at 4 °C for 24 h, and the SOD1 proteins bound to those magnetic beads were then eluted with 10 μL of 100 mM citrate buffer at pH 3.1. The eluates (10 μL) were analyzed by Western blotting with FL-154 antibody. Due to the limited availability of the CSF samples, we could not examine several cases including C-2, C-5, C-6, C-7, C-10, C-16, C-17, ALS1, ALS12, ALS18, ALS19, ALS20, and ALS21

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