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Fig. 7 | Molecular Neurodegeneration

Fig. 7

From: Wild-type Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase is misfolded in cerebrospinal fluid of sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Fig. 7

Correlation in apparent amounts of SOD1 was detected with a distinct set of misfolded SOD1-specific antibodies. Apparent amounts of SOD1 in CSF detected with (a) apoSOD, (b) EDI, (c) UβB, and (d) 24–39 (Fig. 6) were plotted against those of C4F6 (Fig. 3a). The data are represented as follows: gray circles for non-ND; blue circles for PD; green circles for PSP; a yellow circle for DLB; black circles for AD; red circles for ALS. The data of the PDSOD1 and PSPSOD1 are shown as triangles. In each panel, linear least-squares fitting to the data was performed, and the best fitting line is indicated (broken line) with a value of R2. (e) A map of epitopes recognized by the antibodies for the misfolded SOD1 is shown on a crystal structure of a native, enzymatically active form of the SOD1 homodimer (PDB ID: 2C9V). A copper ion (Cu, cyan), a zinc ion (Zn, pink), and a conserved disulfide bond (S-S, yellow) are shown. The epitopes of EDI, UβB, and apoSOD are colored red, while those of 24–39 and SOD1int are colored blue. Loops IV and VII are shown green

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