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Table 1 PEI transfection to produce rAAV in 6-well plate

From: Utilizing minimally purified secreted rAAV for rapid and cost-effective manipulation of gene expression in the CNS

AAV double transfectionAAV triple transfectionPEI solution
Transgene plasmid675 ngTransgene plasmid675 ngPEI30 μl
Capsid-helper plasmid2025 ngCapsid-helper plasmid675 ng1.5 M NaCl10 μl
1.5 M NaCl10 μlAdeno helper plasmid1350 ngWater60 μl
Waterto 100 μl1.5 M NaCl10 μlTotal100 μl
Total100 μlWaterto 100 μl  
  Total100 μl