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Table 1 Summary of the effects of Tau + GFP fusion proteins on aggregation, stimulation of microtubule assembly, and packing of subunits in Tau filaments

From: FRET-based Tau seeding assay does not represent prion-like templated assembly of Tau filaments

Construct Expression (Cell type) MT assembly Aggregation (+Heparin) Mol. weight (kDa) MPL (kDa/nm) No.of. molecules /nm
TauFL-wt E.coli yes Fibrils 45.85 157.1±4 3.4
GFP-TauFL-wt E.coli yes Fibrils 73.76 163.0±5 2.2
TauFL-wt-GFP E.coli yes Fibrils 74.54 n.d.
TauRDΔK E.coli no Fibrils 13.55 61.5±4 4.5
GFP-TauRDΔK E.coli no no 43.07 n.a.
TauRDΔK-GFP Sf9 cells no Short fibrils (minor fraction) 42.77 86.1±5 2.0
Long fibrils (minor fraction) 42.77 37.4±7 0.87
TMV 131.1±1 kDa (standard)