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Table 2 Aging-triggered differentially expressed genes

From: Integrated analysis of the aging brain transcriptome and proteome in tauopathy

  Control TauR406W Change
Transcripts 6742 7970 + 18%
Proteins 1155 258 −78%
  1. In TauR406W animals, aging is associated with an increased number of differentially-expressed transcripts but a decreased number of proteins. Differentially-expressed transcripts and proteins were determined by comparing aged animals, stratified by genotype, analyzing elav (control) or elav > TauR406W animals separately. The total number of unique, differentially-expressed transcripts or proteins are shown based on the union of 3 comparisons (1- vs. 10-days, 10- vs. 20-days, and 1- vs. 20-days). Statistical analysis was based on a Wald test (FDR < 0.05). See Additional file 2: Tables S3 and S4 for complete results