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Table 3 Tau- and aging-induced changes from cross-species overlaps

From: Integrated analysis of the aging brain transcriptome and proteome in tauopathy

Human Drosophila
Expression Dataset Genes (Conserved) Tau (%) Aging (%)
AD 3774 (2426) 1181 (48.7%) 1666 (68.7%)
PSP 745 (447) 239 (53.5%) 321 (67.3%)
Tangles 2485 (1639) 820 (50.0%) 1162 (70.9%)
AD (proteins) 959 (524) 63 (12.0%) 471 (89.9%)
  1. We examined differentially expressed transcripts from published RNA-seq analyses of human postmortem brain, including AD cases/controls [10], PSP cases/controls [9], or quantitative neurofibrillary tangle burden [11]. We also considered complementary mass-spectrometry proteomics from AD brains [18]. The total number of unique, differentially expressed human genes are noted along with the subset that are conserved in Drosophila. Among conserved genes, we examined the number and percentage with Tau- or aging-triggered differentially expressed homologs in flies. Given the reduced coverage of proteomics, we only consider conserved human proteins in which the homologous fly proteins were also detected in our assay. Overall consistent results were obtained from an additional human tandem mass tag proteomics dataset [53] including analyses of 18 AD cases and 18 controls. For detailed results, see Additional file 2: Table S9