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Table 1 List and characteristics of patient-derived neurons used for the genome-wide investigation of SRSF1 depletion by RNA-seq

From: SRSF1-dependent inhibition of C9ORF72-repeat RNA nuclear export: genome-wide mechanisms for neuroprotection in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Patient cell lines Ethnicity Gender Cell type Age at biopsy sample collection (years)
H1 (3050) Caucasian Male Healthy control 68
H2 (155) Caucasian Male Healthy control 40
H3 (154) Caucasian Female Healthy control 55
C9–1 (78) Caucasian Male C9ORF72-ALS 66
C9–2 (183) Caucasian Male C9ORF72-ALS 49
C9–3 (201) Caucasian Female C9ORF72-ALS 66
CS14 Caucasian Female Healthy control 30–35
MIFF1 Caucasian Male Healthy control Unknown
ALS-28 Caucasian Male C9ORF72-ALS 47
ALS-29 Caucasian Male C9ORF72-ALS 47
ALS-29 ISO Caucasian Male Isogenic ALS-29 line lacking the repeat expansion 47