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Table 2  A list of transgenic mouse models showing tau lesions in non-neuronal cell types

From: Cellular and pathological heterogeneity of primary tauopathies

Name (if applicable) Human tau isoform Mutation (if applicable) Promoter Type of p-tau + cells Ref.
TG23 0N3R WT HMG-CR Neuron, astro [173]
- 2N4R p.G272V mPrP-tTA Neuron, olig [174]
JNPL3 0N4R p.P301L mPrP Neuron, astro, olig [175, 176]
rTg4510 0N4R p.P301L CaMKII-tTA Neuron, olig [177, 178]
Tα1-3RT tau Tg 0N3R,1N3R, 2N3R WT mTα1α-tubulin Astro, olig [179]
T-279 2N4R p.N279K hTau Neuron, astro [180]
GFAP/tauWT 1N4R WT GFAP Astro [115, 181]
GFAP/tauP301L 1N4R p.P301L GFAP Astro [115]
- 1N4R WT or p.P301L mCNP Olig [182]
  1. Abbreviations: astro astrocyte; CaMKII calcium/calmodulin kinase IIα promoter; GFAP Glial fibrillary acidic protein; HMG-CR HMG-CoA reductase; hTau human tau; mCNP mouse 2', 3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase; mPrP mouse prion; olig oligodendrocyte; tTA tetracycline-responsive transactivator; WT wild-type