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Table 1 Summary of mice used for studies. Organized by genotype, sex and injection cohort used in the studies

From: Collusion of α-Synuclein and Aβ aggravating co-morbidities in a novel prion-type mouse model

Injection Type/Age nTg M20 L85 dTg
PBS/10 months (4 m.p.i.) 4 M 4F 4 M 2F 4 M 4F 2 M 4F
PFF/8 months (2 m.p.i.) 4 M 4F 4 M 4 M 4 M 4F 4 M 4F
PFF/10 months (4 m.p.i.) 5 M 8F 4 M 8F 4 M 6F 5 M 6F