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Table 3 Proteins selected when comparing age and pathology filtered PMC to NC

From: A panel of CSF proteins separates genetic frontotemporal dementia from presymptomatic mutation carriers: a GENFI study

Protein Description Uniprot Antibody LASSO
% selected
Random forest
Mean mda
GRN* Progranulin P28799 AF2420 99.9 23.4
TARDBP TAR DNA binding protein 43 Q13148 HPA070770 85.8 −0.1
KNG1 Kininogen 1 P01042 HPA001645 82.2 1.6
HBEGF Heparin binding EGF like growth factor Q99075 HPA053243 82.2 1.5
MBP Myelin basic protein P02686 HPA049222 0 5.0
CLSTN1 Calsyntenin-1 O94985 HPA012749 0 5.0
  1. Selection from LASSO and Random forest when comparing PMC (n = 35) and NC (n = 34) (age and pathology filtered). Only GRN was selected by both LASSO and Random forest. Proteins with grey numbers in LASSO or Random forest columns did not meet the cut-off for that model. LASSO indicates in how many models a protein was selected (% out of 1000 models). Random forest indicates the mean mda from 1000 models