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Figure 2

From: Pharmacologic reductions of total tau levels; implications for the role of microtubule dynamics in regulating tau expression

Figure 2

Validation of candidate compound efficacy for tau reductions in H4 neuroglioma cells by standard Western blot. H4 neuroglioma cells were treated at 90% confluency for 24 hours with respective μM concentrations of drugs shown at the top of each lane. Cells were then harvested and homogenized, normalized for protein concentration and subjected to SDS-PAGE followed by probing for total tau, MAP2 and GAPDH. We validated the efficacy of 5 compounds by Western blotting demonstrating that two of these compounds, daunorubicin and camptothecine, show capacity to reduce both MAPs and GAPDH compared to vehicle (bottom right), while the other 3 compounds, paclitaxel, methylene blue and albendazole, all appear to have specific effects on tau levels compared to vehicle.

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