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Figure 10

From: An AICD-based functional screen to identify APP metabolism regulators

Figure 10

Correlation between AICD-Gal4 mediated luciferase levels and AICD-Gal4 levels determined by Western blot analysis. Using data from pharmacologic (PMA, TAPI-1, L-685,458), over-expression (ADAM 10, ADAM17, Ubiquilin 1) or knock-down (ADAM 10, ADAM17, Ubiquilin 1) mediated modulation of AICD-Gal4 levels we plotted the average fold change in AICD-Gal4 levels versus the average fold change in AICD-Gal4 mediated luciferase activity. For transient over-expression, luciferase activity and AICD-Gal4 levels were normalized to transfection efficiency by Renilla luciferase activity assays. The line is represents the least squares linear regression to this data.

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