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Figure 2

From: Pathological cell-cell interactions are necessary for striatal pathogenesis in a conditional mouse model of Huntington's disease

Figure 2

Selective accumulation of mhtt aggregates in MSNs in the striatal model. (A) Double immunofluorescent staining with EM48 antibody [30] and anti-Darpp32 (a MSN marker) using 6 month old coronal brain sections from striatal, cortical, and pan-neuronal models of HD. In both striatal and pan-neuronal models the vast majority of MSNs (>98%) have diffuse nuclear EM48 staining. Such a staining pattern is not present in the MSNs in the cortical model or WT mice at this age (data not shown for the WT). (B). Double immunofluorescent staining with EM48 antibody and anti-GABA antibody (marker for cortical interneurons) in the striatal model of HD reveal that a few cells that accumulate nuclear EM48 staining in the cortex are GABA (+) interneurons (white arrows). Scale bars: 100 μm

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