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Figure 6

From: Increased expression of RXRα in dementia: an early harbinger for the cholesterol dyshomeostasis?

Figure 6

Western blot analysis of RXRα in the hippocampus of cognitively intact controls and subjects with varying severity of dementia. A, Representative immunoblots of RXRα protein expression are shown. Total tissue homogenates were separated by reducing SDS-PAGE and probed with rabbit anti-RXRα and mouse anti-VCP antibodies. Tissue lysate from each subjects were loaded in triplicate and pooled tissue lysate (first 4 lanes) were run in quadruplicates. B, Protein quantification was done by assessing the ratio of RXRα and VCP signal. Mean values ± SEM are shown. *, p < 0.05; **, p < 0.01. Number within the parentheses indicates the individuals within each group.

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