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Table 1 List of model species

From: GSK3 and p53 - is there a link in Alzheimer's disease?

Name Description Database term Initial amount
GSK3b Unbound GSK3β protein P49841 500
GSK3b_p53 GSK3β bound to p53 P49841, P04637 0
GSK3b_p53_P GSK3β bound to phosphorylated p53 P49841, P04637 0
p53 Unbound p53 protein P04637 5
Mdm2 Unbound Mdm2 protein Q00987 5
Mdm2_p53 Mdm2/p53 complex Q00987, P04637 95
Mdm2_mRNA Mdm2 messenger RNA SBO:0000278 10
p53_mRNA p53 messenger RNA SBO:0000278 10
p53_P Phosphorylated p53 P04637 0
Mdm2_P Phosphorylated Mdm2 Q00987 0
Ub Ubiquitin P62988 4000
E1 Ubiquitin activating enzyme IPR000011 100
E2 Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme IPR000608 100
E1_Ub E1 bound by Ub IPR000011, P62988 0
E2_Ub E2 bound by Ub IPR000608, P62988 0
p53DUB Deubiquitinating enzyme for p53 IPR001394 200
Mdm2DUB Deubiquitinating enzyme for Mdm2 IPR001394 200
Mdm2_p53_Ub Monoubiquitinated p53 Q00987, P04637, P62988 0
Mdm2_p53_UbX (X = 2-4) Polyubiquitinated p53 Q00987, P04637, P62988 0
Mdm2_P1_p53_Ub4 Phosphorylated Mdm2 bound to p53 Q00987, P04637, P62988 0
Mdm2_Ub Monoubiquitinated Mdm2 Q00987, P62988 0
Mdm2_P_Ub Monoubiquitinated phospho-Mdm2 Q00987, P62988 0
Mdm2_UbX (X = 2-4) Polyubiquitinated Mdm2 Q00987, P62988 0
Mdm2_P_UbX (X = 2-4) Polyubiquitinated phospho-Mdm2 Q00987, P62988 0
Proteasome 26S Proteasome complex GO:0000502 500
p53_Ub4_Proteasome p53 bound to proteasome P04637, P62988, GO:0000502 0
Mdm2_Ub4_Proteasome Mdm2 bound to proteasome Q00987, P62988, GO:0000502 0
Mdm2_P_Ub4_Proteasome phospho-Mdm2 bound to proteasome Q00987, P62988, GO:0000502 0
ATMI Inactive ATM Q13315 200
ATMA Active ATM Q13315 0
damDNA Amount of damaged DNA CHEBI16991 0
IR Dummy species to represent gamma-irradiation - 0
ROS Reactive oxygen species CHEBI:26523 0
basalROS Basal pool of ROS CHEBI:26523 10
Abeta Amyloid beta P05067 0
AggAbeta Small aggregate of Aβ P05067 0
AbetaPlaque Aβ plaque P05067 0
AggAbeta_Proteasome AggAbeta bound to the proteasome P05067, GO:0000502 0
Tau tau IPR002955 IPR002955 0
Proteasome_Tau tau bound to 20S proteasome GO:0000502, 0
Tau_P1 tau phosphorylated by GSK3β at one site IPR002955 0
Tau_P2 tau phosphorylated by GSK3β at two sites IPR002955 0
MT_Tau tau bound to the microtubule IPR015562 100
AggTau small aggregate of tau IPR002955 0
AggTau_Proteasome AggTau bound to proteasome IPR002955, GO:0000502  
NFT tau neurofibrillary tangle IPR002955 0
PP1 phosphatase P62136 50
ATP Adenosine triphosphate CHEBI:15422 10000
ADP Adenosine diphosphate CHEBI:16761 1000
AMP Adenosine monophosphate CHEBI:22254 1000
  1. Terms starting with:
  2. P or Q are from UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot [40], SBO are from Systems Biology Ontology [41], CHEBI are from Chemical Entities of Biological Interest Database [42], GO are from Gene Ontology [43], IPR are from Interpro [44]