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Table 2 Phase 2 analysis of association between cholesterol SNPs and AD.

From: Evaluation of the global association between cholesterol-associated polymorphisms and Alzheimer's disease suggests a role for rs3846662 and HMGCR splicing in disease risk

5 HMGCR rs3846662 1.08 0.98 1.19 0.13
12 MMAB/MVK rs7298565 1.08 0.98 1.19 0.13
15 LIPC rs1532085 0.95 0.86 1.05 0.30
  1. The three SNPs from Phase 1 that were either nominally associated or trended with AD (p < 0.1) and are associated with gene regulation were tested for their association with AD in a second case-control population. Both rs3846662 and rs1523085 exhibit OR's that are consistent with Phase 1 results, whereas rs7298565 exhibits an inverse OR from that of Phase 1, i.e. the minor allele of rs7298565 is associated with decreased AD risk in Phase 1 and increased AD risk in Phase 2).