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Table 1 Potential NURR1-interacting sequence motifs residing in the 5' upstream flanking region of the Top IIβ promoter

From: Nurr1 regulates Top IIβ and functions in axon genesis of mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons

Location Sequence Orientation
From -174 to -167 TGACgTTT R
From -720 to -713 AAAGGTCt F
From -1570 to -1563 cAAGGTCA F
From -1752 to -1745 TGACtTTT R
From -2369 to -2362 AAAtGTCA F
From -3197 to -3190 cAAGGTCA F
From -4401 to -4394 TtACCTTT R
From -4444 to -4437 TGACCTTa R
From -4508 to -4501 aGACCTTT R
From -6190 to -6183 AAAGGTCA F
From -7586 to -7579 AAAtGTCA F
From -9890 to -9883 TGACCTTg R
  1. The 5' flanking sequences were searched for the presence of NURR1-binding sequence motifs. Thirteen sequence motifs were identified to have no more than one base deviation from the consensus NBRE within the 10 kb upstream region. The deviated base is shown in lower case. The orientation (R: reverse, F: forward) and location relative to the transcription start site of each motif are shown.