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Table 1 Summary of recently published findings on bexarotene in mouse models of Aβ amyloidosis related to the study presented here (first row)

From: Treatment with bexarotene, a compound that increases apolipoprotein-E, provides no cognitive benefit in mutant APP/PS1 mice

Model Age (months) Days of treatment Brain insoluble/plaque Aβ Brain soluble Aβ Fear conditioning
APPswe/PS1∆E9 8 and 11 3, 7 and 14, No effect N/A No effect
APP/PS1 + APOE3/4 [14] 7 15 No effect No effect N/A
APP swe/PS1∆E9[15] 7 11 No effect No effect N/A
APP swe/PS1∆E9[16] 10 14 No effect No effect N/A
APPswe/PS1∆E9[17] 6 7 No effect No effect N/A
5XFAD[17] 3-4 7 No effect Decrease Aβ40 only N/A
APP/PS1-21[17] 9 26 No effect No effect N/A
  1. N/A indicates that the listed data point was not reported. Superscript numbers indicate reference number of the original work.