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Table 2 Gene ontology clusters downregulated in the mouse retina at various time points after I/R injury

From: Progressive morphological changes and impaired retinal function associated with temporal regulation of gene expression after retinal ischemia/reperfusion injury in mice

Time   Ontology Enrichment score P value (P < 0.05)
0 day   No significant changes   
6hr CC extracellular region 1.64 3.10E-02
1 day   No significant changes   
3 day BP protein-DNA complex assembly 1.63 7.20E-03
MF DNA binding 1.63 2.10E-02
CC protein-DNA complex 1.63 8.30E-03
7 day   No significant changes   
14 day BP eye development 1.9 4.70E-02
MF structural constituent of eye lens 1.9 1.40E-03
21 day   No significant changes   
28 day BP G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway 3.16 3.10E-05
CC integral to membrane 3.16 5.00E-02
  1. Microarray data were filtered for selection of downregulated genes lower than -1.5 fold (log2) after normalizing with control eyes. Data were further analyzed using DAVID and clustered according to ontology with 3 categories (BP, MF and CC) at 8 time points (0 hr, 6 hr, 1, 3, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days) after I/R injury.