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Table 2 Overview of performed large-scale screens for modifiers of toxicity induced by expression of AD-linked genes in Drosophila melanogaster

From: Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism for Alzheimer’s disease

Transgene causing a REP Screened library Results Reference
hTau[V337M] 2,276 EP strains • Kinases, phosphatases (CDK5, GSK3β, PAR1) Shulman & Feany [69]
• Apoptosis
• Novel: Ataxin 2, Fmr1
hTau[V337M] 1,250 P-element strains • Cytoskeletal components Blard et al.[70]
• Molecular chaperones
• Chromatin remodelling
hTau[WT] 920 P-lethal strains • Kinases, Phosphatases Ambegaokar et al.[71]
895 EY strains • Autophagy/lysosomal
• RNA processing
• Chromatin regulation
• Cytoskeletal
GMR > Aβ42 1,963 EP strains • Secretory pathway Cao et al.[72]
• Cholesterol homeostasis
• Chromatin regulation
Pan neural Arctic Aβ42 life span reduction 3,000 de novo insertions of transposable elements • Fenton chemistry and oxidative stress are involved in AD pathology Rival et al. [61]
• Ferritin expression protects from β-amyloid toxicity
  1. The table lists only screens in which the fly was used as primary screening tool. Not listed are screens using other sources to gain candidates, later confirmed in flies.