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Table 4 Most significant correlations for all time points and all groups (Spearman) (R > 0.8)

From: Identification of longitudinally dynamic biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease cerebrospinal fluid by targeted proteomics

Peptide X vs. Peptide Y R (Spearman rank)
CMGA_322 vs. NRCAM_806 0.93
CMGA_322 vs. NPTXR_22 0.93
NPTXR_22 vs. NRCAM_806 0.92
APOE_301 vs. B2MG_69 0.88
CYTC_36 vs. TETN_51 0.88
B2MG_69 vs. TETN_51 0.88
A4_688 vs. NRCAM_806 0.87
B2MG_69 vs. PRIO_195 0.87
CLUS_183 vs. PTDGS_23 0.87
A4_688 vs. CMGA_322 0.87
A4_688 vs. NPTXR_22 0.85
PRIO_195 vs. TETN_51 0.83
APOE_301 vs. PRIO_195 0.83
CERU_70 vs. CO3_1172 0.82
CERU_70 vs. PLMN_681 0.81
APOE_199 vs. APOE_301 0.80