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Table 1 Antibodies used in this study

From: Pharmacological inhibition of O-GlcNAcase (OGA) prevents cognitive decline and amyloid plaque formation in bigenic tau/APP mutant mice

Antibody Epitope 2ndAb species Dilution Supplier
RL2 O-GlcNAc Mouse 1:1000 Abcam
CTD110.6 O-GlcNAc Mouse 1:1000 Covance
pS199 Tau-pS199 Rabbit 1:1000 Biosource
pS396 Tau-pS396 Rabbit 1:1000 Biosource
pT212 Tau-pT212 Rabbit 1:1000 Biosource
AT8 Tau-pS202/pT205 Mouse 1:1000 Thermo
AT180 Tau-pT231 Mouse 1:1000 Thermo
PHF-1 Tau-pS396/pS404 Mouse 1:1000 Dr. Peter Davies
12E8 Tau-pS262/pS356 Mouse 1:1000 Thermo
6E10 Amino acids 1-16 of β-amyloid Mouse 1:1000 In-house at NYIBR