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Table 1 PD-associated genes with a role in endomembrane trafficking. AD autosomal dominant, AR autosomal recessive

From: LRRK2 at the interface of autophagosomes, endosomes and lysosomes

Gene Inheritance Role in endomembrane trafficking References
Parkin AR Ubiquitination of damaged mitochondria for degradation by mitophagy [86, 87]
PINK1 AR Phosphorylation of mitochondria for parkin activation and mitophagy [8789]
DJ-1 AR Mitophagy, mitochondrial dynamics [87, 90, 91]
Fbxo7 AR Mitophagy, interacts with parkin [92]
α-synuclein AD/risk factor Substrate of CMA, pathogenic α-synuclein inhibits CMA and induces macroautophagy [14, 28, 29, 93]
LRRK2 AD/risk factor Autophagy, endomembrane trafficking [14, 28]
Vps35 AD Component of the retromer complex [94, 95]
ATP13A2 AR Lysosomal P5-type ATPase [96]
DNAJC6 AR Co-chaperone in clathrin-mediated trafficking [97, 98]
SYNJ1 AR Lipid phosphatase in clathrin mediated trafficking [99]
GAK Risk factor Co-chaperone in clathrin-mediated trafficking, LRRK2 interactor [14, 73]
Rab7L1 Risk factor Small GTPase regulating endomembrane trafficking, LRRK2 interactor [14, 73]
GBA Risk factor Lysosomal protease [14, 100]
TMEM230 AD Transmembrane protein of recycling/secretory vesicles [101]