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Fig. 7

From: Quantitative proteomic analysis of Parkin substrates in Drosophila neurons

Fig. 7

WB validation of in vivo Parkin substrates. C, Ub, WT, LD fly heads were subjected to BioUb pulldown and Inputs and Elutions were immunoblotted for a RdhB, ArgK and Vps4; b Fax; c Parkin. WT and LD input and elution samples were diluted 50 and 25 times, respectively. Arrowheads show unmodified protein and arrows indicate ubiquitinated protein. Asterisks indicate unspecific bands. Complete genotypes of flies used: GMR-GAL4/CyO;UAS-BirA/TM6 (C), GMR-GAL4,UAS-( Bio Ub) 6 -BirA/CyO (Ub), GMR-GAL4,UAS-( Bio Ub) 6 -BirA/CyO;UAS-Parkin WT (WT) and GMR-GAL4,UAS-( Bio Ub) 6 -BirA/CyO;UAS-Parkin LD (LD)

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