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Fig. 1

From: Separation of photoreceptor cell compartments in mouse retina for protein analysis

Fig. 1

Diagram of retinal cell layers in the mouse retina. a Retinal layers and associated cell types: rod (pink), cone (purple), bipolar (lilac), Müller (gray), ganglion (blue) cells. RPE: retinal pigmented epithelium, OS: outer segment, CC: connecting cilium, IS: inner segment, ONL: outer nuclear layer, OPL: outer plexiform layer, INL: inner nuclear layer, GCL: ganglion cell layer. Rhodopsin and Gβ5L are localized to the OS. GNAT1 (rod transducin α-subunit), ARR1 (rod arrestin) and RGS9 are also localized in rod cells. Actin, cytochrome C (cyt C) and Gβ5S are expressed in all retinal layers except the OS. b GNAT1 and ARR1 are localized to different rod cell compartments under different lighting conditions. c The dimension of a central cross section from the posterior pole of the mouse eye containing the neural retina

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