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Fig. 8

From: Humanized monoclonal antibody armanezumab specific to N-terminus of pathological tau: characterization and therapeutic potency

Fig. 8

Armanezumab reduced total (HT7) and pThr212, pSer214, PHF1, AT100, AT180, AT8-positive phosphorylated tau in the brains of 6-month-old Thy22-Tau Tg mice after intracranial injection. Quantitative analysis using ImageJ software showed reduced % of stained total area for each ipsilateral region injected with Armanezumab compared to contralateral region injected with control IgG. Bars represent mean ± SD from n = 7 mice. Corresponding representative images of injected regions where antibodies diffused after injection, stained with various tau-specific antibodies are shown in the boxed areas for each hemisphere. Original magnifications 10X, scale bar = 100 um

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