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Fig. 1

From: Dioxins and related environmental contaminants increase TDP-43 levels

Fig. 1

FICZ treatment of M17 cells increases endogenous TDP-43 expression. a Immunoblots of total lysates of M17 neuroblastoma cells, differentiated for 7 days in 10 μM RA, then treated for 7 days with AHR agonist FICZ (0.5 μM) or with FICZ and CB7993113, the antagonist (10 μM). Densitometry of monomeric TDP-43 (*) and the C-terminal fragment TDP-35 (□) shown in panel A immunoblots were quantified in b (N = 3; mean ± SEM, ANOVA w/Tukey’s; ** P < 0.01, * P < 0.05). FICZ agonism increases these TDP-43 entities and higher molecular weight species (# in panel a)

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