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Fig. 7

From: Mutant TDP-43 does not impair mitochondrial bioenergetics in vitro and in vivo

Fig. 7

TDP-43 subcellular localization in human fibroblasts and in mitochondrial fractions of mouse brain. a-c Immunostaining of human WT a and TDP-43 N352S b fibroblasts cell lines with antibodies against TDP-43 (in green) and cytochrome c (in red) to label mitochondria. Panel c shows a higher magnification of TDP-43 N352S fibroblasts. d Scheme describing the procedure for mitochondrial isolation, with KCl and digitonin treatments, from mouse brain. e Western blot to detect association of recombinant FLAG-tagged TDP-43 with mitochondria obtained from brain of TDP-43A315T mice and N-Tg littermates at 60 days of age. Cytochrome C (Cyt c) and citrate synthase (CS) were used as markers of intermembrane space and matrix proteins, respectively. f Western blots to detect OXPHOS subunits in percoll-purified brain mitochondrial fractions, prepared without (Mito) and with digitonin treatment (Mito + Dig) from TDP-43A315T mice and N-Tg littermates

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