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Erratum to: A glycine zipper motif mediates the formation of toxic beta-amyloid oligomers in vitro and in vivo

The Original Article was published on 23 August 2011


After publication of this work [1], we noted that we inadvertently failed to include the complete list of all co-authors. The full list of authors has now been added and the Authors’ contributions section has been modified accordingly.


  1. Fonte V, Dostal V, Roberts CM, Gonzales P, Lacor P, Magrane J, Dingwell N, Fan EY, Silverman MA, Stein GH, Link CD: A glycine zipper motif mediates the formation of toxic β-amyloid oligomers in vitro and in vivo. Mol Neurodegener. 2011, 6: 61-10.1186/1750-1326-6-61.

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The authors would like to thank Hilary Devlin for assistance with media preparation. Some nematode strains were provided by the Caenorhabditis Genetics Center, funded by the NIH National Center for Research Resources. This work was supported by an Alzheimer's Association Zenith Award (C.D.L), NIH award AG12423 (C.D.L), and Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Grant # 102686 (M.A.S.). PNL and PTV were supported by funding granted to William Klein (Alzheimer's Association IIRG-06-26989; NIH award R01AG022547; AHAF # A2006-092 and gift from Acumen Pharmaceuticals Inc).

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Correspondence to Christopher D Link.

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Authors’ contributions

C. elegans experiments were performed by VF, VD, CMR, PG, and CDL. Neuro 2a experiments were performed by GHS. Characterization of ADDL preps was performed by PTV. ADDL-binding and toxicity assays in hippocampal cultures were performed and analyzed by PNL, and Tau phosphorylation analysis done by ND, EYF and MAS. Adenovirus transfection of cortical neurons was performed by JM. GHS, PNL, MAS, JM and CDL prepared the manuscript. All authors have read and approved the final manuscript.

The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1186/1750-1326-6-61

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Fonte, V., Dostal, V., Roberts, C.M. et al. Erratum to: A glycine zipper motif mediates the formation of toxic beta-amyloid oligomers in vitro and in vivo. Mol Neurodegeneration 9, 12 (2014).

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